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Explore the Ultimate BETA Motorbike Enduro Adventure in Mongolia!

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Breathtaking Enduro Rides

Are you craving an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other? Discover the rugged beauty of Mongolia on the back of a powerful BETA motorbike. Feel the thrill as you navigate challenging terrains, conquer untamed landscapes, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Experience Mongolia Like Never Before

Tired of conventional vacations? Embark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of Mongolia. Immerse yourself in its rich culture, interact with nomadic communities, and witness the stunning landscapes that change with every twist and turn of your motorbike.

Conquer the Wild with Confidence

Seeking an authentic off-road experience? Our BETA motorbikes are specially designed for enduro enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, our top-notch equipment, combined with expert guidance, ensures an exhilarating and safe expedition.

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Yearning for an escape from the mundane? Picture yourself navigating through vast valleys, crossing pristine rivers, and conquering towering dunes. Let go of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our tailor-made motorbike enduro tours.

Your Adventure, Your Way

Ready to create your own path? Our flexible itineraries allow you to choose the adventure that suits you best. Whether you're up for a heart-pounding ride or a leisurely exploration, we offer diverse routes catering to all preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a fan of the BMW GS 1200 adventure tourer bike, Yamaha Tenere 700 or the KTM Enduros? All are great bikes and might be the best choice for you in your home country.

    Mongolia is a paradise to ride on and off the tracks but make sure you have a bike that will give you only joy and not headaches in this wild terrain. You are not crossing curvy mountain passes over the alps after all!

    A few golden rules are:

    1. Rent a bike that you can lift up yourself.

      Soft ground can cause even a parked bike to tip over and lay down. Avoid heavy touring bikes that are heavier than 100kg and impossible to lift up without super powers.

    2. Rent a bike that you can control on sandy, rocky, muddy surface well.

      Terrain in Mongolia is fun, changes often and is very diverse. You will also be tempted to leave the unpaved roads and venture out into the wilderness. To enjoy this freedom you want to avoid a heavy bike, a bike without perfect offroad tires and a bike that is too high.

    3. Rent a bike that causes no electronic errors and issues during the ride.

      Mongolia is huge and so can be the distances to the next specialized mechanic who can service the electric system of your bike. Most of the times this can be done only in Ulaanbaatar. To avoid that some dust or a little fuse means the end of your trip, select a bike that is not too dependent on a modern electronics system.

    4. Rent a bike with mouse tires to avoid tire punctures.

      Rocks and nails on the dusty roads of small towns will challenge you. Be prepared with the right tires that keep you going.

    5. Rent a bike that you could load on the back of a truck easily with four hands.

    When it's time to cross a river or you need a break from riding you need a bike that can be easily lifted on the back of a truck.

    Last but not least a little wisdom for your trip planning: 100km offroading across the wilderness will take longer and require more energy than riding 100km on an highway. Schedule daily trips under 150km, arrive early and not burnt out on your destination, drop your gear and use the remaining hours to climb up some spectacular peaks with your bike for sunset.

  • We recommend to rent a motorbike only when you have a bit of experience. Mongolia is not the best place to learn for beginners. On the other hand you don’t need extensive experience riding a motorbike as long you choose the right route. Southern Mongolia with its sand and also hotter climate is more challenging than Central Mongolia.

    Try to plan your trip around the provinces of Ulaanbaatar. There are plenty of amazing tracks starting at the city limits and they will take you into deep nature within a few miles.

    The AVIS team will arrange support or come to help in case you face issues. Make sure to book the Road Side Assistance in the beginning of your rental.

    For beginners we can recommend to rent a 4x4 SUV with a trailer and motorbikes loaded onto the trailer. Take them off at a campsite to explore the area and load them back up for the longer drives.

  • You can either rent just the motorbike or book a travel package that includes the motorbike and accommodation. Tours can be done solely with a motorbike or in combination with a pickup truck or with a 4x4 SUV rental car with a trailer including the motorbike.

  • You can insure the motorbike with the Motorbike Damage Waiver directly with AVIS to reduce your liability for damages to 2.000.000MNT. For personal travel and health insurance please book such insurance from your preferred insurance company ahead of the trip.

  • During the rental a deposit of 5.000.000 MNT is required per rental bike.

  • The best time to visit Mongolia is from May to October to ride a motorbike. Spring and autumn is a nice season for Central and Southern Mongolia with the Gobi desert. During the summer months Central and Northern Mongolia offer the best climate to ride.

  • Always refuel when passing a gas station. Every small town has one but to stay save always refuel. Some remote gas stations might appear closed or the person in charge gone for the day. Look for a telephone number or a local nearby to ask and most of the time the person in charge will quickly appear.

    Take Octane Booster and 2T oil from Ulaanbaatar. The BETA Xtrainer has a 2T oil tank that you can fill up once in a while after several tank loads.