Terelj National Park 2 Days Tour

  • Route

    Ulaanbaatar to Terelj

  • Travel

    2 days

  • Visit

    Up to 5 Destinations

Price from $530 USD

2 Days of Adventure in Terelj National Park: A Quick Journey To A Picturesque and Relaxing National Park

Explore the picturesque rocky mountains in the Terelj National Park and the nearby Chinggis Statue. The journey is a comfortable drive along the new highway in a modern Toyota Landcruiser. Experience a night in a ger or a stunning 5 Star Hotel. Start the tour by passing the Sky Golf Resort on a drive to the Chinggis Statue, the world's largest equestrian statue that offers you a stunning view over the Mongolian countryside from the top. The nearby gyrocopter airport offers you the chance for a scenic flight with even better views over this nice and unique landscape. Enjoy the tranquility of the Tuul river and go for a short hike up the the Aryabal temple. Visit the Turtle Rock, go on a horseback ride or get your adrenaline rush by hanging on the zip line. Whether you like to enjoy lunch in a picnic or eat some tasty Mongolian food, Terelj offers you a wide range of dining options, which are displayed on your travel app.

This tour is ideal to start from Ulaanbaatar city or directly from the Ulaanbaatar International Airport. The route can be extended for several days as this diverse region has many other highlights to offer that can not be visited all within 2 days. The 13th Century Camp, that throws you back in time to Chinggis Khaan or the Gun Galuut Nature Reserve that is stunning for bird and wildlife watching are just two of the highlights nearby.

Best time to travel to Terelj:

Terelj is an all season destination and beautiful in summer and winter.

Safe travels on your journey to the relaxing and beautiful Terelj National Park close to Ulaanbaatar.

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What is Included


Choose from two options:

  • 1/ Hotel or Ger Camp for every night included
  • 2/ No accommodation include


Breakfast is included in all hotel stays. Lunch and dinner as well as groceries are excluded.

Team & Transport

Airport vehicle delivery, car hand over and introduction


Visit to the Chinggis Khaan Statue. Horseback riding, Visiting Aryabal temple and Turtle Rock, Zipline and hiking. Contact us for more information on winter activities.

Trip Highlights

  • Chinggis Khaan Statue
  • Terelj National Park
  • Tuul River
  • Aryabal Meditation Temple
  • Horseback Riding
  • Turtle Rock

Trip Itinerary

  • Whether you are starting your journey from the city center of Ulaanbaatar or the Ulaanbaatar International Airport you will be driving east on the highway to the impressive Chinggis Khaan Statue in Tuv province. Climb up the statue for a stunning view and enjoy the museum in its basement. Afterwards your journey will continue over the Tuul river where you can visit the river banks, turtle rock and hike up to Aryabal temple.

    For the adventurous the digital tour guide will show you an offroading section to a nice picnic location in untouched nature. Plenty of activities like flying a gyrocopter over Terelj, going on a guided scenic horseback ride, holding an eagle and seeing camels, sliding a zipline and enjoying some of the best Mongolian Food like fried Khuushuur, Buuz dumplings or slow cooked meat Khorkhog will make this tour day to Terelj unforgettable. Sleep the night in a ger or a comfortable 5 Star Hotel, that will be booked for you according to your preference by the AVIS travel manager.

  • Enjoy a peaceful morning along the river in the Terelj Hotel or a stunning view to the rock formations from your ger. Afterwards enjoy a morning horse back ride or a nice walk. Head back to Ulaanbaatar after lunch or continue your journey to the Gun Galuut NAture Reserve in case you have booked an extension to the tour.

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