Things To Do In Mongolia

Best things to do in Mongolia: Travel to Gobi desert in southern Mongolia Best things to do in Mongolia: Travel to Gobi desert in southern Mongolia

Mongolia has become one of those destinations that excite the ambitious traveler's curiosity. Mongolia, a landlocked country and one of the highest countries in Central Asia, is genuinely a location to experience a number of adventurous things such as horse riding, flaming cliffs, horse racing, sand dunes, beautiful landscapes, national parks, traditional Mongolian culture, and nomadic family lifestyle. Mongolia is a country where nomadic lifestyles still exist.

There are several major reasons why you might like to visit Mongolia: maybe you wish to see vast open spaces that are so uncommon in these other places around the world; maybe you would want to involve yourself in unspoiled nature; perhaps you want to take a deep breath in the fresh environment; perhaps you want to do hiking, horseback riding, and visiting Genghis Khan statue; perhaps you want to find nights dark enough to bring the sparkling universe into proper perspective.

The Eternal Sky, considered sacred by Mongolians since before the period of Chinggis Khan, levitates magnificently over broad grassland meadow, steppe, subarctic evergreen forests, wetlands, alpine tundra, mountains, and deserts in the country.

This blog explains thoroughly the top things to do in Mongolia. So, make your trip memorable, scroll down, and read about the things you can do when you visit Mongolia.

Horseback Riding in Mongolia

Horseback riding is an important part of Mongolian culture; children learn horse riding at a young age and horsemen can control their horses with confidence. The Mongolian horse is a robust, energetic, and quick horse with toughness and physical power that belies its little stature.

Things to do in Mongolia: Riding a horse in the steppes

Riding on horseback is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the enormous scenery and nomadic cultures of the country. Your carefully chosen horse will transport you over various terrains.

However, because camping permits are not necessary while visiting Mongolia, you can carry your personal tents and put them up.

Mongolian horses are smaller yet powerful, and they are famous as a loyal partner to Mongol soldiers in battle. They are also revered and adored by steppe nomads for their spiritual strength. Disrespecting their horses is considered rude.

Camel Riding in Gobi Desert

One of the top things to do in Mongolia is going camel riding through some of the country's most breathtaking attractions and landscape wonders. The Gobi Desert is so enormous that it encompasses two countries: northeastern China and Mongolia.

Things to do in Mongolia: Watching Bacterian Camels in the Gobi desert

Of course, if you are planning to go to Mongolia, your visit isn't complete without a trip to the Gobi Desert, therefore strap yourself in and get ready to ride!

Things to do in Mongolia: Meeting camels and Camel riding by Artem Shestakov

If you consider yourself an explorer, you should try riding a camel in the Gobi Desert. It's slower and more unusual than riding a horse, but a ride on the native Bactrian camels enhances what is already an exceptional experience.

In the winter, the Gobi Desert is indeed a great area to visit. The temperatures in the desert do not drop as low as it does in the other parts of the country. It is, nonetheless, frigid, but still not as severe as the rest of the nation. Camels dressed in coats can be seen wandering through the snow.

Meeting a Nomadic Family

For many visitors, on their Mongolia travel, visiting Mongolia is spending time with a nomadic family and observing personally their style of living, which has remained untouched for decades, with the exception of some contemporary modifications.

Things to do in Mongolia: Visiting a Nomadic Family

Learning about everyday life, the pleasures, and trials of living a nomadic existence, but most importantly, feeling the actual friendliness and renowned generosity of Mongolia's nomads by assisting with daily duties such as gathering up and milking the livestock, making milk tea, and cooking curds or buuz, is an authentic experience. You might even be able to assist in the construction of traditional ger camps.

These people continue to observe traditions and customs that date back to the period of Genghis Khan. You will undoubtedly regret missing out on the opportunity to experience this type of lifestyle, which you will almost surely not be able to replicate anywhere.

You will not only explore their culture but also about their lifestyles and their powerful yet friendly personalities.

Meeting An Eagle Hunter

The custom of eagle hunting is carried out by nomadic tribes of the Kazakh people, Mongolia's largest ethnic group. These nomadic groups capture 4-5-year-old golden eagles from the heights of the Altai Mountains and teach the eagles to hunt. Domesticated eagles are treated like family by eagle hunters, these hunters even feed them with their hands.

Things to do in Mongolia: Meeting an Eagle Hunter in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia

Meeting an eagle hunter will be quite an experience and one of the best things to do in Mongolia travel. You can also visit Mongolia during the golden eagle festival or Naadam festival days to fully explore the cultures of Mongolia.

Golden Eagle Festival

The golden eagle festival takes place in Mongolia's Bayan-Ulgii area on the very first week of October. Hunters demonstrate their eagles' abilities and also their own hunt strategies during this event.

The Mongolian Eagle Hunters Association hosts the festival, which begins with an inauguration ceremony and continues with a march, cultural exhibitions, and performances. You can watch the festival as your favorite athletes compete for the titles. Hunting eagles and their owners contest for titles such as "best eagle and owner," and "best eagle at finding its owner from a distance."

Aside from all of that, the event features various sporting events such as horse racing, archery, traditional dance, and Bushkashi, a horse-powered tug of war. You can meet with your favorite athletes during the festival.

Driving Offroad in Mongolia

Off-road driving is one of the best things to do in Mongolia. Traveling off-road takes you to Mongolia's most stunning and diverse landscapes, beautiful scenery, untouched lines, and culturally significant places. From north to south and eastern to western Mongolia in four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles offers a true wilderness experience.

Outside of the usual tourist itineraries, Mongolia is a big country with a lot for seeing. Off-road travel allows you to discover locations at your own leisure and according to your preferences.

Driving Offroad in Mongolia across Gobi desert

Only roughly 10,000 kilometers (20 percent) of Mongolia's 50,000 kilometers of roadways are tarmac (asphalt) constructed. The remaining are unpaved and dirt roads, mostly heading out of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city. The remaining roadways are mainly rough dirt tracks that connect local towns and villages. These routes have no signs and are frequently divided into several smaller paths that go to nomadic family houses.

Things to do in Mongolia: Enjoying the fun of driving on river beds

Navigation can be a challenge for travelers during their adventure of off-road destinations in Mongolia. Even with GPS, finding the right way might be difficult. The recommended application for travelers is This app does not only assist in navigation but also tells you about different destinations and hotel booking.

Visiting Hot Springs

The Tsenkher hot spring is among Mongolia's most well-known hot springs. Many local and international travelers opt to enjoy their summer vacations here, healing their bodies and improving their health and wellbeing.

The hot spring is located 25 kilometers southwest of Tsenkher soum, Arkhangai province, in the Hangay Mountains region. The region's ancient volcanoes and hot springs are well-known.

Several yurts tents with facilities and pools with less high temperatures have been set up in a lovely lush woodland region for the visitors, as well as for the nomads and residents of Ulaanbaatar who are quite fond of these facilities. Tsenkher hot springs have medicinal qualities, particularly for rheumatic and nervous system illnesses.

Going Fishing

Mongolia is now regarded as one of the best fishing destinations on the globe. River systems are harsh and wild, and they provide the best fishing opportunity while also providing a stunning and vast landscape.

The fishing season in Mongolia starts in mid-June and finishes in April of the subsequent year. But, the optimum time to fish seems to be from early September to mid-October. Mongolia has 60 different types of fish. Taimen, the world's most aggressive freshwater fish, is the biggest. Only a few remote locations of Siberia and Mongolia are home to this type.

Fishing In Alag Tseel River and Darkhad Valley

This is a fantastic experience to visit a few of Mongolia's most beautiful countryside attractions in the remote northwest on a calm, pleasant trip.

You will be surrounded by stunning snowy mountains while fishing in the Alag Tseel River and Darkhad Valley. Due to the valley's large number of lakes (over 300), it is a birdwatcher's delight in Mongolia. Graylings, lenoks, and shockingly enormous taimen can all be found in this little, slow-moving river.

Fishing In The Shishgid and Tengis Rivers

Fly fishing in the Shishgid and Tengis rivers, a fly fisherman's dream, where your guide from tour companies will point you to the top places for Armour River pikes, Siberian salmon, burbots, and taimen.

The taimen is known as Asia's "monster trout" and reaches 6 feet in length. Mice and ground squirrels have been observed to be eaten by Taimen!

Fishing at Hulun and Buir Lakes

The lakes Hulun and Buir inspired the name Hulunbuir. In the spring and summer seasons, the lakes are filled with shrimp and fish abundantly. The wildflowers also bloom near the lakes.

Hiking in Mongolia

When you are planning to explore Mongolia, hiking is one of the best things you must do in the country. Mongolia has numerous hiking terrains, mountains, and tourist locations that you can only reach by doing hiking.

Things to do in Mongolia: Hiking over glaciers onto the highest peaks in the Altai mountains

Hike to Aryabal Meditation Temple in Gorkhi Terelj National Park

Hiking to this temple is one of the fanciest stuff to do in this park. Even if you do not prefer trekking, you will enjoy climbing up to this one. A stunning view awaits you at the summit, which is also thought to be a ritual to wash you of your misdeeds.

Things to do in Mongolia: Hiking in Terelj National Park

The Gorkhi Terelj national park is a straight drive west of Ulaanbaatar and is deemed one of Mongolia's most scenic regions. It's a mountainous area with a lovely river, trees, and unusually shaped rocks. Rock climbing, horseback riding, and bird watching are all popular activities. There are rocks that resemble a gigantic turtle - turtle rock.

Meeting A Shamane in Mongolia

Shamanism has existed in the world since the dawn of mankind. It's a means of getting in touch with essence, forefathers, and the spiritual universe. Shamans enter a trance to hear lessons that can be transferred on to other individuals of their tribe, as it were. Shamanism is not only practiced in Mongolia but even in Russia's Siberian areas and many other regions on the world.

Things to do in Mongolia: Meeting a Shamane

Shamanism is taken quite seriously by Mongolians. In terms of the Western world, a shaman is similar to a family doctor who also serves as a life counselor. People seek their assistance not only for medical treatment but also for counsel while making important decisions.

It will be a good experience to meet a Shaman and explore shamanism to learn about their beliefs, cultures, ethics, and much more.

Visiting Monasteries and Temples in Mongolia

There are numerous monasteries and temples in Mongolia offering their visitors a beautiful and scenic experience all the time.

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery in Ulaanbaatar

The Tibetan name for this rebuilt Buddhist Gandan monastery is "Great Place of Perfect Happiness." It is home to around 150 monks and displays an 86 feet high monument of Avalokitesvara, a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas.

Things to do in Mongolia: Visiting the Monastery in Ulaanbaatar

Only one of the monastery's ancient wood pillars remains, dating from 1809. It is one of Mongolia's most prominent and largest tourism destinations monastery.

Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharakorum

The Orkhon Valley is home to Mongolia's ancient Buddhist monastery, which was established in 1586. The Soviets closed it from 1937 to 1965. After that, it was used as a museum. The monastery reopened after Communism fell apart in 1990. It is now Mongolia's most prominent monastery.

Things to do in Mongolia: Visiting Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharakorum

There were once approximately 60 temples with over 1000 monks; presently there are about three temples with paintings and sculptures, thankas, and masks spanning back to the sixteenth century.

Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Selenge

The "Monastery of Tranquil Felicity," also known as Amarbayasgalant Monastery, is among Mongolia's three major Buddhist religious monasteries.

Things to do in Mongolia: Visiting the beautiful monastery Amarbayasgalant on the way to Khuvsgul Lake

The monastery structure is situated in the Iven valley, along the Selenge River. Erdenet, 60 kilometers to the southwest, is the closest city. The monastery is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Choijin Lama Temple Museum in Ulaanbaatar

The Choijin Lama Temple Museum is a 19th and 20th-century architecture wonder. Mongolian architects designed the temple. The temple was consecrated to his brother lama Luvsankhaidav by the 8th Bogd Khaan Janzandamba between 1904 and 1908.

The museum offers a wonderful collection of 17th-century woodcarvings, applique, needlework, and sculptures.

Dog Sledging In Winter in Mongolia

Winter is the coolest and longest period in Mongolia. But it's lovely with the gleaming white snow. Snow is falling all across the country, but it isn't falling heavily. Early November marks the start of winter, which lasts until March.

In Terelj National Park, Mongolia, you must experience the Mongolian wintertime wilderness by dogsled with a pack of Siberian Huskies. Learn to run your individual dog sled teams and travel in magical solitude for several hours or an entire day in Mongolia.

Envision a winter wonderland with glistening snowfall and your dog pack moving gently ahead of you, all you can hear is the husky breathing in the fresh, breathable air and the sled runners murmuring beneath you.

Flying A Gyrocopter across Mongolia

One of the best things to do in Mongolia is flying a gyrocopter, close To Terelj National Park, at Nisel Center close to Genghis Khan Statue Complex. You can contact the Nisel Center and book a very memorable flight.

Gyrocopter rides over the stunning picturesque sight of Genghis Khan monument, Terelj National Park, and its forested alpine slopes are among the activities you should experience in Mongolia.

Although there are numerous things you can experience and do in Mongolia, the prominent activities are highlighted in the blog. Some other things include visiting National History Museum and Capital City, camping in the steppes, and much more.

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Do not follow the path where the road leads to. Instead, steer your vehicle off-road to explore the unvisited and natural destination. You've visited a lot of distinctive destinations and have seen a lot of different kinds of transport throughout your life.

One of the best things to do in Mongolia is driving the dirt tracks and navigating Mongolia maps

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